Provides high-quality products for global and Chinese customers

Provides high-quality products for global and Chinese customers

Provides high-quality products for global and Chinese customers

25 years to produce compound electronic grade special chemicals

A high-tech semiconductor material company
Gipfel Sematerial Co., Ltd. is a high-tech semiconductor material company based on independent innovation, integrating R&D, production and technical services, with its own patented technology to produce and develop ultra-clean and high-purity electronic chemicals. The company's independent R&D center in Dalian - "Liaoning Electronic Chemicals Innovation Center", it has laboratories in Shanghai and Shenzhen.

Applications & Products
IC Process Application

Gipfel Sematerial has an advanced clean production workshop to produce high-purity electronic chemicals, and set up ppt level quality control, so that product quality control can be effectively guaranteed. As semiconductor processes become more sophisticated, our R&D center continues to develop products required for next-generation processes.

BUMPING Process Application

Gipfel Sematerial R&D Center and State Key Laboratory-Dalian University of Technology cooperated to establish the "Liaoning Electronic Chemicals Innovation Center", aiming to develop the next generation of wet electronic chemicals, and design products with excellent performance to satisfy customers.

TFT-LCD Process Application

Gipfel Sematerial provides a series of electronic chemicals for the latest demand of the TFT-LCD industry, which can be applied not only to the existing aluminum process, but also to the advanced copper process. In terms of logistics, we provide high-quality localized services in response to the large and real-time needs of customers with professional transport fleets.

TOUCH PANEL Process Application

Gipfel Sematerial provides a series of high-quality electronic chemicals for the latest Touch Panel demand, while meeting the glass and film substrate process applications, and also has corresponding products in glass thinning and strengthening. Through continuous innovation of technology, research and development and accumulation of experience, we will continue to provide excellent products for the high-tech industry.

LED process application

Gipfel Sematerial develops a series of electronic chemicals according to the latest demand  of the LED industry, and can supply it in different forms of packaging materials according to the demand of customers. With advanced process equipment and strict quality control, we are committed to providing high-quality products and perfect services.

SOLAR CELL Process Application

Gipfel Sematerial provides chemicals for solar energy industry with a complete raw material production and stable supply system, and also provides sufficient technical support in improving conversion rate and developing new materials.

Dimethyl sulfoxide
It can be used as organic solvent, reaction medium and organic synthesis intermediate.
Choline hydroxide
organic synthesis intermediate; For biochemical research. Used as a cleaning agent for circuit board
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